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     Wuxi dong-ri-chang Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is based on the "Wuxi city bridge bearing Forging Co., Ltd." was founded, the company is located in Shuofang Industrial Park, backed by Shuofang airport, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway is only 5 kilometers, traffic convenient location.
   The company covers an area of 35000 square meters, more than 250 employees, including forging manufacturing department, car parts manufacturing, heat treatment production department, quality inspection center, technology development department, technical team with high-quality. More than twenty years, the collaboration processing integration company committed to the bearing rings and forging, various annular parts annealing, machining and heat treatment, the main products include "O", "2", "3", and "7", and the rolling mill bearings, joint bearings, bearing and railway a large variety of special bearings and ring forgings.
   Company forging manufacturing production lines with a total of 14, including 6 coal heating production line (bridge), 4 forging line for medium frequency heating, respectively is 1 350KW if small line, 2 500KW if the midline, 1 500KW if set of lines, are equipped with Siemens temperature control software and computer control temperature system, for a single real-time record of the temperature, and low temperature, over-temperature alarm and sorting system, to prevent overheating and over-burning phenomenon. In addition, the big line, 630T forging line, set line, 3rd line for natural gas heating, natural gas forging furnace equipped with automatic temperature control of the computer, including natural gas heating production line and intermediate frequency heating production line are equipped with Raytek two-color integrated thermometer monitor the heating temperature, and equipped with a hand holding type thermometer calibrated in real time; 1000Kg air hammer and φ 800mm broadening reaming machine, can be large ring process maximum diameter φ 1200mm, width is 280mm, weight 200Kg, the company now has an annual output of forgings production capacity of 20000T, is the largest in East China bearing forging factor
   Car parts manufacturing department of the existing more than 80 sets of semi - automatic hydraulic lathe, has formed 20000 hours monthly production capacity. In 2012 added 15 new CNC machine and 1 sets of machining center, and the NC drilling and milling machine, processing capacity increased car products.
   Heat treatment production department of the existing 4 sets of push rod type isothermal annealing furnace, the annual output of 20000 tons of production capacity. RCWG9 roller mesh belt controlled atmosphere quenching and tempering automatic production line, controllable carbon potential quenching, reach the bearing ring hardness uniformity, small deformation, zero decarburization, bright surface, stable quality of products, now has annual production capacity of 3000 tons. For bearing steel carbonitriding, quenching martensite stress according to the requirements of customers, nitriding, carburizing and other special heat treatment.
   Quality inspection center has a large 1000 times optical microscope, digital image analyzer, portable alloy analyzer, magnetic powder flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, and all kinds of parts inspection equipment more than 60 Taiwan, raw material testing, metallographic examination and part size detection of the products of the company. With excellent quality according to the different requirements of customers, to provide qualified products in accordance with national standards and international standards SEP1520. The main customers are Timken (Wuxi) Bearing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu TWB bearings Co., Ltd., Beijing Nankou SKF Railway Bearing Co., Ltd., Nanjing Puzhen NTN railway bearings Co. Ltd.,, Qinhuangdao Enpebi Bearing Co. Ltd, Shanghai Jiaqing Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Wuxi Rolling Bearing Co. Ltd, Wuxi prissy Bearing Manufacturing Co., ltd..
   The company is ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification of qualified units. To high-quality products, excellent service to win the trust of customers, to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system to capture the market.
   The tenet of the company:
   Rapid response: any inquiry or consulting clients will reply in the shortest time.
   Delivery on time: all orders will be delivered on time to customer, total quality management is the foundation of our punctual delivery service.
   Quality assurance: we fully understand customer expectations and requirements in terms of quality, so our principle is always maintain product quality.
   Technical support: our experts can provide professional technical support and engineering services to the customer.
   Research and development: the our corporation can independently design, develop special requirements for products.
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